ER Message

The focus on this year is to get the membership more involved in the workings of the lodge and promote more interesting and opportunities to its membership and Never forget our veterans and what they sacrificed for us. Ritual which builds team work among the officers. There are multitudes of activities in the lodge for everyone, we just need to know how and support of what can be done to accomplish the task needed to make the activity work. Not to Mention including our new members in lodge activities they need to be asked to participate. By doing this they will stay interested and maybe bring in more of their friends who become members.

Exalted RulerKelly M. Dorgan Cote, PER(3), PDD, SVP
Esteemed Leading KnightTBD
Esteemed Loyal KnightPhilip Jaques
Esteemed Lecturing KnightRobert Schneider
SecretaryAnnette P. Jacques
TreasurerLawrence Patten, PER
EsquireNorman G. Lavallee
TilerDerek Connery
ChaplainCherri McDonough
Inner GuardErnest Mancuso
1 Year TrusteeJanice Rouleau
2 Year TrusteeWayne Purington
3 Year TrusteeMicheal E. Norway, PER(2), PDD, SVP
4 Year TrusteeNick Dion
5 Year TrusteeChris carriere

Board of Directors
(Lodge Chair officers and Lodge Trustees)
Club Manager
Auditing Committee
Lapsation Committee
Investigation Committee
Membership Committee
Relief Committee
Drug Awareness Committe
Americanism Committee
Flag Day Committee
Lodge Activities Committee
Indoctrination Committee
Hoop Shoot Committee
Memorial Day Committee
National Service Committee
Government Relations Committee
Public Relations Committee

"A Fraternal Organization"
"Elks Care - Elks Share"